Living Hope is a church that has been meeting in Edgerton, MN since August 2007. Since the fall of 2018, we have been meeting at the south end of town at the grain elevator office called Chandler Feed.

We invite you to check us out by looking around our site.  Or, better yet, come visit us!  We meet on Sundays @ 10AM.  Click here for directions.

We are a group of Christians who don't pretend to have it all together.  People who have discovered how good it is to have a real relationship with Jesus and with each other.  We know that in our culture, it is easy to miss the real Jesus in the midst of so much religion—even Christian religion.  

We gather to celebrate Jesus Christ, to encourage and support each other, and to learn from His Word.  We enter our daily lives with the goal of living in a way that shows people how great God is—it’s not a religious duty; it’s our passionate response to the love of God as we’ve experienced it.  

We don’t expect people who haven’t experienced Jesus to act as if they had.  And we don’t claim to live like we want to live.  But we are certain that Jesus is the answer to humanities deepest longings and darkest fears.  In Him, we are all the same:  sinful people who can be washed clean and adopted into the family of God.  

We invite you to come share what Jesus has done for us...for all of us.

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